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How quickly will you get back to full speed? by Gordon White, MD, Fatbuzz

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There’s little doubt that the hotel sector has been one of the hardest-hit industries; travel has ceased, business meetings are confined to video conferencing, weddings have been postponed, and charity/awards events are all on hold.  We have never experienced such a debilitating time.  So, it’s hardly surprising that hoteliers are…

State-sponsored debt forgiveness may be the ‘silver bullet’ by David Collins, COO, The Great National Group

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David Collins, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for The Great National Group, suggests that state-sponsored debt forgiveness may be the ‘silver bullet’ that the tourism industry needs as it looks to re-emerge from Covid-19. C19 has brought about lots of restrictions, most are worthy and warranted. The protection of front-line staff…

In it together – Bill Burnett, Cycas Hospitality

It’s difficult to imagine that just a few weeks ago, very few people were talking about Covid19 and hardly anyone had heard the term furlough. And yet here we are in the midst of the greatest crisis to hit our industry and our wellbeing in living memory. The need to…

Unchartered Territory – Angela Vickers, CEO Apex Hotels

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Angela Vickers
We’re always planned for new openings at Apex, never closures so like everything else these days it’s all unchartered territory. Priorities have been getting our head around furlough and other business reliefs as well as keeping in touch with our staff and customers. We are grateful for the reliefs that…

My Perspective by Nicola Taylor, Chardon Hotels

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I am writing this from our own perspective as a family business owning and operating 6 hotels in Scotland under a global franchise with IHG – Holiday Inn Glasgow Theatreland, Holiday Inn Expresses; Glasgow Theatreland, Edinburgh Royal Mile, Edinburgh Airport, Perth and Dunfermline.